A l'autre bout de l'arbre, tu sais là-bas sur l'autre branche
Y'a Ton gamin qui frappe du marbre, mais c'est pas le marbre qui flanche
Il veut faire des planches de sa branche,
Des planches de ton arbre
Mais en voulant casser du marbre, il se nique juste les phalanges
Regardes-le, le petit ange, Il a les cheveux qui bégayent
Il a les yeux qui s'émerveillent, et le cœur qu'attend tes louanges
Occupes-toi donc de ton ange, avant qu'il se tâche vermeil
Parce que dans sa tête s'éveille, le désir qu'il faut qu'il se venge
Il voudrait juste que tout s'arrange
Il voudrait juste que tout s'arrange,
C'est trop demande que tu changes ? Que tu regardes dans ses yeux
Que tu remarques qu'il sont vieux, qu'ils ont perdu leur couleur bleu
Et leur parfum d'inachevé, putain bouges-toi, ton gamin pleut
Sans soleil il va se noyer. Bouges-toi, putain, fais-ce que tu peux
Pour le sauver.

Avant que sous la branche, là-bas, à l'autre bout du bout de bois
Y'aitun gamin, éteint et froid, qui se balance
Une dernière danse, et puis s'en va


I Know I must apologize
I can't find anything to say
So much thought to organize
My mind is just crawling away
My soul is digging
Sixty feet under my feet
Nothing to say, unable to think
I can't believe I'm not helping
I would give my life for you
But i'm not strong enough to
'Could burn myself to make you smile
It wouldn't work, but i can try
I look at you, with your crisped smile
There in your room, miles from here
Shaking of panic and fear
If you ask, I could reach these miles.
The only heaven I'll ever knew
Is being quiet with you
The only hell I'll ever see
It's our impossibility



We found the rose one day
Red as the waking sun should be
An old man died on the way
Looking at it, under a tree

We thought to ourselves
For each loss there's a birth

And in the pale light of our age
We saw the shining flower
We looked at it a whole hour
Feeling we were breaking a cage

Years and days walked on this heaven
We're still thinking about this pearl
Living in a wonderful world
With this force that we've been given

We try to walk in the same way
And now we're seing the same tree
In the old light of our old day
The rose is dead as we should be

The rose has faded, we're in mourning
The clock stopped and our tears are true
It has faded in the morning
On the hill it was born into

But we say to ourselves
For each loss there's a birth

Going Away

Silver is running on my arm Fire got me under his charm I feel the pain, now feel my veins Is it hurting me ? I can't explain You said to me, so many times That tomorrow will be better But one day, it's just some hours What if tomorrow never end ? This is my last word, last thought Last second before my brain turns out What if you come now, come quick You could share this moment mith me And make today a better day Than tomorow, for the first time. I'm going away.


Purple is the rock, the morning in my head
Blue is the sky and the sea going ahead
Green is your eyes, our heart our tea
Yellow is the sun, and the light, and the bee
Orange is the fruit eaten by the dove
Red is the blood,  the passion ans our love